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March 18 2018

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March 15 2018

I came to the same conclusion. To make things worse, it's perfectly legal to sell and buy guns from other private owners.

This way, they don't even have to bother for background checks. I'm not sure if they have to register it afterwards - but who would check that anyways?

I'm a big fan of private gun ownership - but I prefer the Austrian model.

March 14 2018



What I say: “I’m touch-starved.”

What you think I mean: “I need a hug.”

What I truly mean: “I need someone to platonically lie across me with their full weight, crushing my body and providing deep pressure until my errant soul is reabsorbed into my flesh. Also, a hug would be nice.”

I’ve had to explain this to people who think it’s weird, but when I add, “You know… like cats…” they seem to understand.

March 13 2018

That's sound reasoning. The only problem I see is Mother Jones bias. But anyways, that's nonetheless convincing.

March 12 2018

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nailed it!
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March 10 2018


Was really great! Nice audience and great line-up.
If you couldn't make it there is a recording:

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Mar 23

Hackathon 0x0F

18:30–Mar 25, 2018 18:30 Überall im Metalab Add this event to a calendar application
Save the date and hack the world!
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