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August 17 2017

I don’t like the Antifa

good points on how not to demonstrate against white suprematists (and how to):

I can’t say much about their motives, but I will say this: it seems to me that some of them might have only randomly ended up on their end of the political spectrum. Had they been hanging out with different people, their inclination towards violence would have made some fine nazis out of them. But then again it’s hard to pass judgement on what’s in a man’s heart.

One thing we can judge though is the things they are doing. The violence. Do I think that the nazis who are marching through Bad Nenndorf are by no means punchable? No, I don’t. It would give me satisfaction to see them being punched. But what cause would that serve? Would it weaken the nazis’ resolve? Would it prevent anyone else from becoming a nazi? Do blockades and sabotage acts ever make a nazi anything but more determined?

Actually, I think that the nazis aren’t just fine with the Antifa punching them, they actually enjoy it for two reasons: first, it’s part of their identity. I don’t claim to know much about the psychology of the common nazi, but there are a few tropes that seem to be clear: manliness is important, the seriousness of the mission is important, the heroics of standing against adversaries are important.

Being attacked is part of the nazi identity.

Second, any attack on them can be used by them against the rest of society. They can point to their bruises and say: look, you are not better than we are! And this is precisely one of their central storylines: Axis vs Allies, Buchenwald vs Bad Nenndorf, nazis vs Antifa – they want everyone else to think it’s all the same, that there is nothing particularly bad about being a nazi.

And yet there are some things that nazis seem to be unable to cope with. The little town of Bad Nenndorf being all colorful and nicely decorated for them is one of those things. People applauding the march of the nazis, people playing loud music, people toasting with beer and laughing at them is another thing.

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August 16 2017

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Look what someone did to our mystery section. LOOK AT IT.

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Don't forget, it's probably completely made up and written by a 14 year old girl starving for attention. 
Libs suddenly care about censorship after finding out the rules apply to them too
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August 15 2017

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hilfreiche vorschläge, danke

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